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The Gym with ew Technogym® equipment at the SILENA hotel in South Tyrol.

Gympowered by Technogym®

Your body, your power.

Do you understand that your body is your temple? Your body is your true home, ahead of your house, your family and your friends. Everything you do shapes it: your food, your thoughts, the books you read, the conversations you have – everything literally becomes part of you. And in the same way that you can arrange your living room comfortably, hang beautiful pictures, surround yourself with plants, or create a certain atmosphere with scents, you can arrange your body. Experience this through yoga. Fitness training helps ensure that your temple is strong, healthy and ready for any adventure.



Our SILENA GYM is equipped with all new Technogym® equipment. This offers you both strength and endurance training and the options to put together a varied program.

The gym is located near the SILENA SPA, so you can reward yourself with a visit to the pool or sauna after your workout (depending on the opening hours of the spa). Relaxation is just as important for your body as the training itself! Your body recovers in the regeneration phase, adding muscle or burning fat. You can compare it to sleeping: as you sleep, your brain processes the impressions and experiences of the day. In the regeneration phase after the fitness training, your body processes the training stimuli.

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Treadmill, rowing machine, recumbent bike, cross-trainer, leg press, leg extension, multipower station, spinning bike, dumbbells and barbells from 4 to 24 kg (with bench).

Gym at the SILENA hotel in South Tyrol.
Hiking in Vals on the Gitschberg - hotel Silena.



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Honeymoon - I'm your YIN and you're my YANG