Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Your yoga holiday

Arrive wholly within yourself on the mat. Each yoga session is a small ceremony. Arriving on the mat, arriving within yourself. You are accepted in our Kingdom of Yoga. Slow down your breathing. Watch your chest rise and fall. You are in the moment. Wholly and completely. Just as you are. Since we know how important yoga practise is to many, we offer the full programme: from a special yoga room, which we have coined Kingdom of Yoga, to yoga practises at places of strength on our roof terrace or in the garden. Planned sessions, private hours and retreats await you.

Your Kingdom of Yoga

A place where you feel whole as soon as you enter. Everyone is welcome in the Kingdom of Yoga. No matter if you have any previous knowledge or experience. Take the time and test yourself. Everything you need for your practise is already here: we have belts, blocks, towels and blankets for the quiet after the practise. On the warm heated wooden floor with mountain vista, you can deeply immerse yourself. Sometimes in pleasant and warm weather, we practise out in the garden and then return to the cosy Kingdom of Yoga for the final meditation.

Places that give strength

Most have not heard of open-air yoga. Let us assure you that there is almost nothing more beautiful than practising under the blue sky. We have already selected several outdoor locations for you: Grow tall on our roof terrace, float through the garden in a living flow or hold your positions on the meadow beside the upland moor biotope. The mountains are your true companion in all of this. Your flow establishes itself almost effortlessly, making you feel one with nature. Your places of strength await you!

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