Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Your onsen pool
on the roof terrace.

Onsen is the Japanese term for “hot spring”. The onsen bath plays an important role in Japanese culture as many use it to relax after work. Our interpretation of this traditional hot spring is the rooftop onsen pool. At 40 degrees you hover somewhere between heaven and earth while calmly observing the mood over the upland moor. You feel free; you’ve arrived in your own body. Enriched with minerals from volcanic rock from the Sciliar area and Seiser basalt, the water as well has its own history. Yin and yang.

Water with tradition

Take part in an ancient ritual on our rooftop. First, you cleanse your body at the dedicated onsen wash station. Apply Pure SILENA hair and body shampoo, then rinse off the soap with clear water. Now it’s time for warm spring water. At first, enter up to your hips, then up to your shoulders. Your body absorbs the heat and becomes fully calm. Breathe and consciously take in the moment. After your bath, dry yourself mindfully with your towel. You can devote yourself wholly to relaxation in the SILENA silence rooms. Refresh yourself with a cup of tea and savour the warming effect of the onsen ritual.

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