Come as you are.
Be as you are.

From the Moarhof
to the SILENA.

The journey from the Moarhof to the SILENA, your soulful hotel was long and winding. It took us to remote locations in South-East Asia, but, most importantly, led back to ourselves. Change always starts on the inside. We dreamt of bringing the flair of South-East Asia to Valles. So we did everything in our power to make this melding of two worlds possible. The Moarhof has always been and will always be the anchor point. It gave us roots. We explored the world with open eyes and let ourselves be inspired. If we saw anything we liked, we brought it home with us. Now we also want to inspire you to go your own way.

1985 – A traditional beginning

For the Mair family, life in the hospitality industry began in 1985. The original mountain farm included seven guest rooms, offering hikers and nature enthusiasts a base camp. Then things really got going. After the birth of Magdalena (1987), Josef and Ida took over the house and expanded the attic. Following Simon’s birth (1990), a garage was also added. Later came the dining hall.

1997 – Bigger steps

In the 90s, eight guest rooms and the family’s apartment were added. In the next decade, 16 further guest rooms followed. The Moarhof was expanded with a wellness area with swimming pool and sauna. A new reception area welcomed guests and the expansion of the kitchen allowed for even more culinary delights. The Mair family built the annex in 2007 and completely rebuilt the old structure from 1983. In 2011, a larger bar area and more rooms were added. With all these conversions, the hotel made the jump from 3 to 4 stars. Now it was the next generation’s turn to shape the hotel according to their insights and world view.

2017 – Where energy flows

As soon as the direction was established, everything fell into place. Magdalena and Simon agreed to transform the Moarhof into a “soulful hotel”. A giant puzzle needed to be assembled. It all fell into place, everything worked, everything made sense! Magdalena’s trips abroad and her love of literature as well as Simon’s love of sports and affinity for outdoor activities could be reconciled. The merging of the South Tyrolean way of life and South-East Asian philosophy was a complete success. On 26 December 2017, the SILENA was inaugurated as “the soulful hotel”.

2022 – More soul

As the name already suggests, the SILENA is a place with lots of soul. Even more “soulful places” were added to the SILENA in 2022 to make it “your soulful hotel”. A Japanese onsen pool was added on the roof as well as six new designer suites with meditation spots and an outdoor bathtub. Our interior design calms and grounds the spirit within your “own four walls”. A central heart piece also changed. The entrance area and the lobby as well as the bar were transformed and expanded with a tea house. Here you can find teas from Asia and herbal infusions from South Tyrol.

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