Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Regional dishes
with soul.

Many things grow and flourish in South Tyrol. From grapes to wild moor berries. Cows feel right at home on the pastures and provide us with excellent hay milk from which we make delicious cheese. Our gourmet restaurant has made it a priority to introduce you to this natural cuisine. Proximity to our producers is a central aspect. Just beyond the house, we gather herbs such as dandelions or ribgrass. Vegetables are also a family matter. Fruit and vegetables are delivered in person by Magdalena’s husband from the Schirmerhof farm in Naz-Sciaves. Potatoes, fruit, vegetables and some meat as well are sourced from our uncle at the Pichlerhof farm in Luns.

South Tyrolean cuisine with South-East Asian flair

Have you ever experienced the merging of regional South Tyrolean nature cuisine and Far Eastern elements? We bring cultures together: in architectural and interior designs, in the spa area and, of course, also in culinary art. Despite our deep-rooted South Tyrolean traditions, our culinary offers remain open to the world. On her trips through South-East Asia, Magdalena encountered delicacies that we interpret in our gourmet restaurant with South Tyrolean ingredients. This results in unusual combinations. Take your palate on a journey.

A designer restaurant with South Tyrolean cuisine

We serve the finest nature cuisine. Nothing is left to chance. We source our ingredients from our long-standing partner companies and gather our herbs from the upland moor. We get our inspiration from all over the world, but especially from South-East Asia. This corner of the world is reflected in our gourmet restaurant. You can see it in fine wooden artwork with Asiatic forms. The lightness of the interior design is based on the principles of feng shui. The colours and forms are lush and earthy. South Tyrol looks in through the windows. As you look out, you can see our garden and the surrounding mountains. The upland moor is just within one’s grasp as you gaze out from the panorama terrace.

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