Come as you are.
Be as you are.

South Tyrol meets
South-East Asia.

Wholly grounded, the SILENA stands near the upland moor. An established place of quiet whit South Tyrolean tradition. Once a traditional mountain farm, today a modern designer hotel. Magdalena and Simon have bridged the gap between South Tyrol and South-East Asia. South Tyrolean specialities on the one hand, an origami crane on the other. At the heart of the hotel stands the centuries-old farmhouse parlour; a new onsen pool has been installed on the rooftop. Magdalena’s inquisitiveness has brought the wide world to Valles. Simon’s love of his home provided the grounding.

A merging of designs

South Tyrolean comfort – our parlour "Moar heart" is the heart of the SILENA, a place to unleash your creativity. South-East Asian rituals such as the Far Eastern tea ceremony offer a feeling of security and comfort. These elements can also be combined. The architects used South-East Asian elements as well as South Tyrolean materials such as Swiss pine or fumed oak. The fine structure of the facade resembles the grasses of the upland moor from Valles. The cuisine is also a combination of two cultures – down-to-earth South Tyrolean ingredients merged with refined South-East Asian flavours.

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