Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Find your tea ritual
in the tea house.

Like a warm embrace. At the SILENA, you can take a deep breath. Come back to yourself. This is what tea rituals are for. They are a symbol of being welcome. You will benefit from more than just the ritual itself. The ingredients of the tea unfurl their effect from the inside out. Tea calms, grounds and strengthens. It lets you feel your individuality and allows you to arrive in your own body. Feel accepted with us.

The quietest corner – our tea house

Our teas are as individual as you. You can experience them all at our tea house. The interior design allows for exciting contrasts. Light stone meets dark wood. The design conveys a feeling of vastness and remoteness, comfort and straightforwardness. Herbal infusions from South Tyrol meet teas from Asia, combining expressions of well-being from two different worlds.

A tea line for your well-being

The seven teas and herbal infusions from our own THE PURE SILENA TEA COLLECTION accompany you like a golden thread through your time with us at the SILENA, your soulful hotel. SILENA tea mixtures are dedicated to a specific topic. Grounding the spirit with the power of mint and apple or opening up space with green tea, sencha and lemongrass. Local herbs and plants also unleash their effect. Tried and true from South Tyrol: caraway, mint, camomile, thyme. Everything we do is inspired by South Tyrolean and Asian culture.

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