Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Far Eastern rituals
in South Tyrol.

Drawing on our profound admiration for the Far East, here at the SILENA we are devoted to tea and its associated ancient rituals and significance passed down through the generations: It is a moment of inner reflection, of awareness for the past, of life in the moment, of recharging for everyday life. Experience the way of tea at the SILENA in harmony and reverence, with respect, in purity and tranquillity.

Everything begins at the start

As soon as you arrive, you can shed your everyday life like an old skin. Come and breathe deeply. Take time, consciously. At the SILENA, we welcome you to a world of peace and harmony. A world between recreation and inspiration. And everything begins as you enter the gate.

Ready for your next step

Leave your daily life behind and go the next step. Wash away the old. Prepare for what awaits you at the SILENA, your soulful hotel: relaxation and inspiration. Guided hikes or relaxation in a quiet space. Personal training or calming breath-conscious hikes. Daily yoga sessions or mountain activities.

Free of expectations

Collect yourself. Breathe. Allow your mind and body to relax. Forget all your struggles. It is all about being. Let it happen. Focus solely on the moment. Your moment. Now you’ve arrived.

Follow your path

Now you are wholly with you. Ready to go beyond. Make your way to the tea house. The path through the garden is an opportunity for self-discovery and to slow down. Use the prayer wheels. Turn them clockwise and choose a mantra for your time at the SILENA. It will accompany you during your time with us.

Finally, arrived

You are accepted. Take your place in the tea house. The soft pillows help you relax. Refresh yourself with a drink. Choose between “inspiration” and “recreation” and be completely in the moment. Be true to yourself. In your break from the world.

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