Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Up to the
mountain top!

Every step will take you a bit closer to yourself. Hike the alpine region Gitschberg Jochtal at your own speed. If you want to go faster, we can tell you where you can find some great trail running paths. In any case: Enjoy with all your senses. Feel the freedom and vitality as you make the alpine landscape yours. Vistas, peaks, small clearings, alpine pastures, easy or challenging hikes – it is all just waiting to be explored. We take guests on guided hikes five times a week. Experience true mountain joy as you hear the sound of cow bells and smell freshly cut hay.


At the summit of the Gitsch
Altitude difference: 1100m

You can climb to the summit of the Gitsch from the neighbouring Maranza, reached by car in around 15 minutes. Reach the summit after about 4 hours hiking time and 1,100 meters in height. Enjoy the 360° panorama views over the Dolomites. You can cut short the descent by simply getting in the next cable car (with your Almencard) and return to Maranza.

From Vals to the Wilde Kreuzspitze
Highest Point: 3134m

If you would like to climb to the Wilde Kreuzspitze, at 3,134 m the highest peak in the Pfunderer Mountains then we can recommend two possibilities: You can either drive by car or bus to the hikers' parking lot in the valley and start off from there, with 1,813 meters uphill climb. Or you can carry on to the Fane Alm parking lot and shorten the time for ascent by about an hour. Enjoy the views of lake Wilder See and enjoy the alpine feeling!

Round-trip hiking tour to Marblsee and Fane Alm

This hiking tour begins with a trip on the Jochtal cable car, the valley station is right next to the SILENA. When you arrive 2,000 m above sea level you then continue via the Rotenstein mountain Trail over the mountain slopes of Rotenstein through heathlands and meadows to the lake Marblsee. See how the surrounding mountain peaks are reflected in its crystal clear water. Enjoy the peace of this high plateau at around 2,400 m above sea level. You return via the Valler Schramme to the Fane Alm and from here back to Vals. 

Trail running

To the “Brixner Hütte”

Right outside the SILENA is the 8-kilometer route to the “Brixner Hütte” (933 meters). Via the “milk trail” you reach the Fane Alm and then, through the Schramme and over the Hüttensteig, you come to the Brixner Hütte, where you can stop for a little refreshment.

Climb the Gitschberg

You can drive to the neighboring village of Maranza, where you can climb the Gitschberg up to 2,512 m (approx. 10 km, elevation almost 1,100 meter). At the summit you will enjoy fantastic views over the Dolomites.

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