Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Our pools and saunas
for your relaxation.

“Go with the flow” was never more appropriate than in relation to our pools. If you love the element of water, then you’ve come to the right place. The ground floor and the rooftop terrace of the hotel also accommodate a spa area. On the ground floor, you can relax on a cot or let your thoughts roam freely while swimming in the indoor pool. Or you can gently float in the warm water and effortlessly glide through the sliding doors between the indoor and outdoor area as a feeling of levity encompasses you. 

Float above it all

Our onsen pool is located on the rooftop terrace. Feel the freedom of immersing yourself in 40-degree water; you’ve arrived. The water and warmth convey a feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to be in the here and now. In many areas of Japan, bathing in an onsen pool is regarded as a common courtesy. After accomplishing the day’s work, people wash themselves and sit together in the warmth of 40-degree water. We installed our onsen pool on the rooftop terrace. Follow the Japanese tradition and bathe in South Tyrolean spring water as you gaze out onto the mountains. Feel your body warming and relaxing

Warmth within

Sometimes achieving holistic relaxation requires extremes such as the alternating change between warm and cold. A therapeutic duality for us as humans and our nervous system. Our saunas await, affording you space for your personal development. Here you can ground yourself, let go of thoughts and create free space for yourself. 

A sauna for everyone

We have the right sauna for you. Based on our love of literature, we created the concept of sauna pours with spoken words. While performing the pour, you can allow these words to transport you to other worlds. The bio-herbal sauna with herbal moor scent provides a pleasant sweating experience at 45–60 degrees and at a humidity of 30–55 percent while the Finnish panorama sauna on the roof offers our hottest sauna experience. As you look out over the mountains surrounding Vals, you can experience hot air at 80–100 degrees and a humidity of 2–5 percent. The steam bath is a little more earthy. The high humidity and the scent of the upland moor lets you immerse yourself directly in your environment.

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