Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Only you and
your breath.

You have probably already heard about the importance of breathing in regard to yoga or mediation. Your breath is your connection to the world. The air you breathe becomes part of you for a brief moment in time. You borrow it, then give it back. During our guided breath-conscious hikes, you can learn to be especially mindful of your breath. Feel trust, vitality and gratefulness. You are doing something good for yourself and are sustainably encountering your environment in serenity and strength. Our breathing trainer Ida will always be at your side.

It all starts with a breath

In the summer, our breathing trainer Ida offers weekly breath-conscious hikes through the upland moor. It is a present from us to you. The exercise will gently calm you. You can recharge your batteries, reduce stress and massage your organs. Why is that so important? Many forget how to breathe consciously and properly. We want to provide an impetus how you can better integrate conscious breathing in your daily life to ground yourself in daily situations. This helps your immune system and gives you strength.

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