Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Your SILENA, your vacation home.

Feel whole
with us

Your soulful hotel truly has a soul. Come as you are. Be as you are. The SILENA is a space of inspiration and recreation, a place somewhere between South Tyrol and South-East Asia.
Our aim was to create a refuge for the soul. A place where you don't have to choose between inspiration and recreation. Both are available to you at all times. South Tyrol and South-East Asia represent the balancing forces of activity and relaxation. As the name is a melding of the personalities of the two hosts, Simon and Magdalena, the SILENA is also a place of duality. Cultures, traditions, possibilities coalesce.

Powerful quiet,
inspiring ease

The mountain also shapes the valley. The quiet recharges our batteries, letting go can often bring about new things. Our world is a world of opposites. At the SILENA, your soulful hotel, we combine these opposites.
Simon and Magdalena, our eponyms, optimally elucidate this concept – these two siblings could not be more different. Simon loves sports and his home of South Tyrol. Magdalena loves books and has given her heart to South-East Asia. Together they have combined these exciting opposing traits and created a place of inspiration, recreation, lightness, darkness, retreat and activity.

THE souls
of silena

» For me, the SILENA embodies home. It's the place where Magdalena and I grew up. With memories of one's own childhood, of grandparents and parents. Here I can live my ideas and visions. The SILENA is my soulful place.«

Simon - owner, waiter, personal trainer
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