Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Inspiration &

Tension results when people come together. We use this connection in order to create something exciting. The two siblings Simon and Magdalena are responsible for the concept behind the SILENA, your soulful hotel. These two could not be more different. While Simon loves sports, Magdalena prefers to immerse herself in the world of books. Their personalities are often like yin and yang. We have transformed these varying concepts into areas for inspiration and recreation.

Be yourself

What excites your imagination? How do you find creativity? How do you invest in your personal development? We have dealt with these questions. At the SILENA, we have created a world for the soul in which bright rooms and active colours inspire the mind. Come visit us with all your curiosity, open-mindedness and creativity. You will see, everything has been designed to let your imagination soar.

Let yourself fall

You can already see it in the architecture. When you’re with us, you have arrived. You’re accepted just as you are. Allow yourself to be at peace and take a deep breath in a space wholly dedicated to recreation. You can rest and leave your everyday life at the door. Our earthy colour tones in our studios and suites provide external benefits. Our moon milk works from the inside out. You will see – after only a few hours, the stress of everyday life will be a distant memory as a feeling of cosiness and comfort envelopes you.

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