Come as you are.
Be as you are.

Land of alpine pastures.
Land of vineyards.

Bring your appetite when you come to South Tyrol. There is a reason our wines are world-renowned. Our wine sommeliers can tell you more on this topic and are already looking forward to personally introducing you to some of our over 400 wines we have in stock. Why not pair it with a cheese tasting? Our ancestors have been producing GMO-free cheese for centuries from the milk of animals raised on our alpine and mountain pastures. An exciting journey awaits your palate.

Surprises from our wine cellar

We enjoy having guests who like wine. We have something in common with them. Especially Simon and Patrick have accumulated vast knowledge when it comes to wine. Our cellar accommodates both wine from small South Tyrolean vineyards as well as from major international winemakers. Most recently, we counted over 400 different wines in our cellars. These are predominantly from South Tyrol, but we have also sought out other vineyards all over the world and selected special wines from among these.

When the cheese sommelier stops by

Oh yes, we love our cheese, so we built a tower just for it. We call it the “cheese tower” as it consists wholly of cheese from all over the world. Our cows, goats and sheep on the alpine pastures are happy and content. They produce excellent milk, which is then processed into special cheese. You can enjoy these cheeses every night: Simon and Patrick like to stop by the tables bearing a plate of various cheeses from spicy to mild, combined with chutneys, and they look forward to giving you some background knowledge about these special products.

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