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Our world of wellness products.

Our in-house product line is called THE PURE SILENA. You’ll already experience these products in the shower of your hotel room. The products used in our spa treatments will get under your skin. THE PURE SILENA combines a beautiful scent with therapeutic effects. Our products are to accompany you throughout your stay at the SILENA, your soulful hotel. Sometimes yin, sometimes yang. Some products ground you, others invigorate. THE PURE SILENA was inspired by both South Tyrol and South-East Asia. For our facial treatments, we use the South Tyrolean nature cosmetics brand “Team Dr. Joseph” from Brunico, the capital of the Puster Valley, which is approx. 40 minutes from the SILENA by car.

Skin care

THE PURE SILENA body lotion
250ml | € 39

In the morning after your shower enjoy the pleasure of applying body lotion. Our products provide moisture and natural care to your skin. PURE SILENA BODY LOTION  has a refreshing fragrance of lemon grass, thyme and lime blossom.

250ml | € 42

The body oil with essences of lemon grass, camomile, caraway, green tea, lime blossom and thyme supports your skin in cell regeneration as well as providing moisture.

250ml | € 42

Cooling gel for tired limbs after sporting activities. Contains thyme, camomile and camphor for stimulating blood flow and protection against skin dehydration. Invigorating effect after a long day on the ski slopes or a long mountain hike!

Skin cleansing

120ml | € 36

Take a pot of SILENA relaxing moments home with you! Perhaps as a gift for a loved one? The fragrant bath salts have a gentle detox and purging effect. Smell the lemon grass and green tea.

THE PURE SILENA hair & body shampoo
250ml | € 39

In your studio or in your suite you have already discovered our products for daily use, for hair and body. Your hair becomes soft and shiny. Your skin is silky and soft. The composition of fragrances and active substances is made up of lemon grass, camomile, caraway, green tea, lime blossom and thyme.

250ml | € 29

We are sure you have enjoyed the little pleasurable moments of handwashing in your SILENA room or suite when the fragrance of lime blossom and camomile rises into the air? Afterwards your hands feel so soft. Please take THE PURE SILENA hand soap home with you  -  available  from us in the 250 ml pump bottle

THE PURE SILENA body peeling
120ml | € 39

If you treat yourself to a peeling once or twice a week then your skin will be silky smooth for a long time. In this way the dead skin cells and excess sebum are removed from the pores. Then treat yourself to a massage by gently rubbing the peeling into your skin. The peeling salt is made with bamboo, camomile, green tea , lime blossom and thyme.


THE PURE SILENA tea collection
80g | € 12,50

Encounter the seven teas and herbal infusions which we have created for THE PURE SILENA tea collection during your soulful stay in the SILENA Spa. Taste your way through the whole collection and decide which tea you would like to take home with you. Each of our teas is dedicated to a theme, for example "Letting Go" (with ginger and lemon), "Back to the Roots" (black tea, mint and apple), "Free Space" (green tea, sencha, lemon grass, camomile, verbena, caraway and marigold) or "Tranquillity" (birch leaf, eucalyptus, melissa, mint, marigold and thyme). The teas serve not only as a gentle reminder of your stay at the SILENA but you can also give them as a gift and invite others to a moment of oneness.


120ml | € 37

Mmmmh, that was fragrance of the SILENA! Take home with you the fragrance to remind you of your time of recuperation in the SILENA spa. In THE PURE SILENA candle we have captured "our" fragrance, wonderfully alternating between refreshing and calming and now ready for transport. You can now enjoy soulful moments in daily life, at home. Or of course, as a gift for your loved ones.

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