Come as you are.
Be as you are.

SILENA, your soulful hotel

Come as you are. Be as you are. Breathe in. Breathe out. You are held when you’re with us. With a friendly smile. With a sympathetic ear. In an environment that offers countless opportunities.
You have consciously taken time for yourself. Time for a break. Everything you need for this time is you. We provide the framework. Rituals from South-East Asia, culinary impulses from South Tyrol, pure nature outside of your door, a warm spa area or books from all over the world. As soon as you are here with us, you can allow yourself to just enjoy as you leave your daily life behind. Let go, close your eyes and let yourself fall.

South Tyrol & South-East Asia

Everything in the world has its necessary opposite. The SILENA as well consists of two contrasting cultures: South Tyrol and South-East Asia.
Our name as well, SILENA, is also a joining of opposites. It is a melding of the first names of the host siblings SImon and MagdaLENA. Indeed, their worlds could not be more different. Simon is deeply rooted in his home of South Tyrol. For generations, his ancestors have lived in the alpine region Rio di Pusteria. Magdalena loves to travel and lost her heart in South-East Asia. This is how the hotel presents itself: deeply-rooted with wings. Yin and yang.

Onsen pool
on the

Float above it all. Feel the freedom of immersing yourself in 40-degree water. You’ve arrived. The water and warmth convey a feeling of weightlessness, allowing you to be in the here and now.
In many areas of Japan, bathing in an onsen pool is regarded as a common courtesy. After accomplishing the day’s work, people wash themselves and sit together in the warmth of 40-degree water. Our onsen pool is located on the rooftop. Follow the Japanese tradition and bathe in South Tyrolean spring water as you gaze out onto the mountains. Feel your body warming and relaxing. Come to yourself in the onsen pool.

Tea as
as you

Tea, like a cordial welcoming greeting, warms you when you’re cold and cools you when you’re warm. Tea has a certain magical quality.
With us you can get to know the world of tea ceremonies and rituals. We interpret these, as so often, as a merging of South Tyrolean and South-East Asian culture. You can choose what works best for you. We offer teas made from the herbs of the South Tyrolean mountains served in traditional South Tyrolean tea sets. Or you can embark on a magical journey to the Far East with tea and ceramics from Asia.

The fullness
of life

lies in
stillness of mind.

Jiddu Krisnamurti


Products from South Tyrol and our own garden provide the basis: imbued with the energy of the sun and mountains. Our chef also gets his inspiration and flavours from all over the world.
At the SILENA, grounded South Tyrolean ingredients meet the refined flavours of South-East Asia. In the summer, we harvest our herbs directly from the upland moor behind our house and from our garden. It is about carefully developing the natural taste of these fresh and wholesome ingredients. Delicious moments that remain in your memory for a long time.


Like yin and yang, our studios and suites complement each other. There are two paths. You can choose the path of inspiration with a bright and stimulating motif. Or you take the cosy and warm recreational path.
Your personal refuge in South Tyrol. The upland moor is the inspiration behind our studios and suites. The furniture is made from dark and light wood. As you enter your room, you’ll feel held by a sense of harmony and emotional security. It is your personal space in the middle of the hotel. Here you can ground your being. Here you can realign your inner compass. Enjoying the view of the mountains during the day and gazing at the starry skies at night.

Ski-in and ski-out

The SILENA is located close to the valley station of the ski resort Gitschberg-Jochtal. Proximity to the mountain cableways makes ski-in and ski-out possible.
Gliding down the slopes of Rio di Pusteria during the day, relaxing with a cup of tea in the afternoon. One effortlessly blends into the other. Physical exertion followed by calm retreat. Feel the warm embrace of the wellness area after a beautiful day in the mountains. You don’t have to spend an entire day in the mountains either. Even a short ski excursion or winter hike in the morning can be invigorating.

a place
of change

The soul of a place is made up by the people. The SILENA has not just been shaped by SImon and MagdaLENA, but also by the many generations that came before.
The hotel’s origin is the "Moarhof". This was the start and, ultimately, the end point of the journey. We arrived back where we started, but now it all appears in a different light. Once a house in the traditional style of South Tyrol, now a meeting place where the South Tyrolean way of life encounters South-East Asian philosophy. We use our past as a foundation for the new. The SILENA, your soulful hotel is solid proof that change is important and, first and foremost, can also feel good.

THE souls
of silena

» For me, the SILENA is the embodiment and realization of my own dream and my longing for South-East Asia. The first soulful hotel! It's a place where you feel "whole". Antoine de Saint-Exupéry sums up my idea of togetherness: “It is only with the heart that one can see clearly. «

Magdalena - owner and reception management

Giving yourself some breathing space and taking a time-out from everyday life can be nothing short of miraculous. Taking a break at the SILENA allows you to wholly ground your being. Some call it “me time”, others a retreat or even a break from the world. Essentially, it is always the same principle: remembering what is truly important. Slow down life with our dark and natural colour tones.

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Ideas, new inspiration and creative concepts. They need space and time to grow. Inspiration comes much easier in the right environment, in the fresh air among the majestic mountains. The SILENA, your soulful hotel is such a place of inspiration. Our hotel between South Tyrol and South-East Asia is a delight for both body and soul. Unleash your creativity in the middle of nature.

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