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Yoga Classes in theWeekly Program

Start and end the day with soul

In the SILENA you can practice Yoga 7 times a week free of charge under the framework of a weekly program. Our yoga teacher practices Level 1 and 2, including Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga. It doesn’t matter if you are already conversant with yoga or if you simply wish to try it out. Our yoga teacher will take everyone and practice with you all the various movements from the easy ones to the more advanced ones.

We really prefer to go outside for yoga exercises and in this way, we can enjoy the benefits of nature in order to relax. Feel the fresh air in your lungs and the energy of the surrounding mountains – enjoy this extra kick.

Some yoga sessions are held in the morning and others are held in the evening. Morning sessions are held before breakfast, but don’t worry of course we provide tea and fruit beforehand. This way you can tank up energy for the day and activate your circulation and metabolism. The morning session is a gift to yourself on your holiday! Start the day quietly and totally at one with yourself, refreshed and ready for what the day may bring.

The Evening class takes place earlier or later in the evening: sometimes before your evening meal, sometimes afterwards and always with sufficient time in between, before the day ends. We will practice gentle and invigorating Asanas of Yin Yoga for a good, deep sleep. These movements, in combination with deep breathing, break down stress and calm your nerve system.

Here are a few more tips: For Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga we recommend light sports clothing – preferably tight fitting clothing for a comfortable feeling. Of course you can also dress in layers, which can be quite practical, because sometimes we exercise in the open air.

For Yin Yoga sessions please bring warm socks with you and long, comfortable sport or leisure clothing. This Yoga Method is slow and mostly without any muscle power, so your body may cool down, therefore warm clothing is of importance.

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