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Rooftop Onsen pool

Water. Warmth. Weightlessness.

Your soulful SILENA release. In the 40-degree water of the new Onsen pool on the roof terrace you can enjoy the surrounding high moor panorama almost weightlessly. A feeling of absolute freedom and of having com-pletely arrived.

Onsen is the Japanese term for a hot spring. The Onsen bath plays an important role in Japanese culture, mostly for relaxing after work. The Onsen ritual includes mindful washing before immersal in the bath. The cleansing also symbolises the washing-away of negative influences and burdens.

Cleansing - leave the old behind you

The cleansing of your body before a soulful bath is an important element of the traditional Onsen ritual. Clean your body at the Onsen wash station with cold clear water from the bucket and PURE SILENA hair and body shampoo before drying yourself with the small towel. Fill the bucket again. Then wash off the remaining soap with warm water.

Meditation im Sein-Garten vom Hotel Silena in Vals.

Bathing - time to reflect

Lower yourself slowly into the 40-degree spring water from the Vals moun-tains, enriched with minerals from Seiser basalt volcanic rock from the Schlern group. Immerse yourself in the water up to your hips. After a brief pause immerse yourself up to your shoulders. You carry your towel on your head. You can use it to wipe the sweat from your brow. Feel how your body warms up. Relax and recharge. Enjoy this tingling experience and savour the Vals mountain scenery. Consciously breathing exercises help you to appreciate this experience with even greater intensity. 

Meditation im Urlaub in Südtirol im Hotel Silena.

Drying - be mindful

After your bath in the Onsen pool dry yourself mindfully and carefully with your towel. Do not shower to ensure that the warmth lasts longer.

Wortaufguss in der Sauna im Hotel Silena in Vals.

Rest - reflect

In the SILENA relax rooms you devote yourself entirely to your relaxation. Reflect. Refresh yourself with a cup of tea and savour the warming effect of the Onsen ritual. Be conscious of the moment of profound satisfaction: a feeling of having completely arrived.

Die Bio-Kräutersauna mit Südtiroler Kräutern aus Vals.