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Honeymoon - Relax and sit back
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5 nights - package price

Did you know that one thousand books reside with us here at the SILENA? Carefully selected, they invite you to celebrate. Sit back and allow a private storyteller to enchant you in the most beautiful manner. They will inspire you with a novel or a biography about love. The turning of the pages is like a breath of air. Everything else fades into insignificance. 


What’s more, we’ll also pamper you with delights from our natural cuisine. It is a blend of our deep roots in South Tyrol and our Southeast Asian attentiveness to the natural taste of fresh, premium-quality ingredients. Luxuriate in a blissful feeling of snugness and listen to what the greatest authors in history have to tell you about the theme of love that is amusing, romantic or wise. 

Services included
  • SILENA Soulful "storyteller" honeymoon package
  • 1 x reading from a book with your private reader 
  • 1 x Soulful drinks and culinary delights 
  • 1 x book from the storyteller to read at home 
  • Incl. SILENA Soulful Package 
25.06.2022 - 30.04.2023