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Yogaat places of energy

Places which bring you forward.

The yogi within you can be happy for 300 sunny days of the year. Whenever possible, we practice yoga in the open air. Open up your heart on the rooftop, put your roots down in the garden” or do a handstand on the meadow next to the upland moor biotope. With a clear vision, absorb the beauty of the mountain nature. Fill up your ears with absolute tranquility, anchor your feet here at the meeting point of wild mountains and gentle alpine pastures.

Discover your favorite place of energy in the soulful SILENA. Take up this energy which unites us all and which was already built up during your yoga sessions. Roll out your mat and practice yoga. In doing so, you also share your energy and recharge your batteries. Perhaps you have already felt the difference, when you practiced yoga with others. When people come together to practice yoga, the energy becomes a strong mutual synergy and you feel fresher, more alive and reborn by this group experience.

Discover your very own internal center of energy. Visit this place at any time in order to generate strength from a source which never runs dry. With your own Center of Energy you can associate all real images, smells, feelings and memories. For example, your Center of Energy could be your holiday destination; a place of wellbeing located in the mountains, surrounding the SILENA. When you are back home again, you simply close your eyes and focus your senses, feeling the same freedom, balance and strength you felt when you were here.

Yoga takes care of your inner place of energy. It is now in your hands to maintain and build up on the benefits which yoga offers you. Your inner place of energy can feed your energy source and the more often you practice yoga, the more often you strengthen your Center of Energy.

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