Come as you are.
Be as you are.


Dark, warm wood, understated colours and soothing light convey serenity and ease in the 32 m² SOULFUL STUDIO RECREATION. Surrounded by smoked oak and earthy nuances which draw inspiration from the high moor, the body relaxes and experiences groundedness, harmony and revitalisation. Inner peace is attained in two large armchairs or on the south-facing balcony with a view of the wooded slopes, meadows and mountain summits. The open bathroom* with a separate toilet offers personal spa moments. And a restorative sleep is guaranteed by the fresh mountain air and the comfort of the king-size four-poster bed.


32 sq.m.
South-facing balcony
King-size canopy bed (200 x 210 cm)
Open-plan bathroom* with shower, wash basin with make-up station, separate WC and bidet
2 large reading armchairs and desk
Flatscreen TV, telephone & WIFI

* in some rooms the bathroom is a separate room.

Giving yourself some breathing space and taking a time-out from everyday life can be nothing short of miraculous. Taking a break at the SILENA allows you to wholly ground your being. Some call it “me time”, others a retreat or even a break from the world. Essentially, it is always the same principle: remembering what is truly important. Slow down life with our dark and natural colour tones. 

FROM € 194
TO € 326
per person & soulful half board
The visitor tax is € 3.50 per person and night.
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