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Simon Mair

From Moarhof to SILENA

From Moarhof to SILENA

At Moarhof, the original farm and our parents' house, my sister Magdalena and myself, have a collection of countless memories. Like, the time my father was running the small hotel, and although I could still not see much further than the edge of the table, I was eager to help. Like, chasing the cats around the yard with our friends. Or the hay-jumping, which would leave our legs and feet completely torn and sore from the hay stalks.

The hotel, which was located right next to Moarhof, over the years eventually took on its name. And it is exactly where our SILENA - a combination of the names Simon and Magdalena - stands today. From the farm we built our private residence, on the walls where "MOARHOF" is still written, as a permanent reminder.

The courtyard was the only heated room and the centre of our family life. My father loved to sleep there on the bench by the stove, and upstairs he would draw flowers with his compass. In the summer, cranberries would be sorted and in winter, moss would be stuffed between the windows and walls. A room which has heard laughter and cursing, and seen "watten" (a South Tyrolean card game) played and wine drunk. This room, at my father's request, has retained his memories and shines in the new SILENA with its old charm.

We were lucky to have enjoyed a very protected and trouble-free childhood. We were able to play freely, jump in the brooks over rough and smooth, build snowmen, ski and much more. These memories still bring a smile to my face.

The Moarhof is part of our soul and will always remain part of SILENA’s soul. It is the starting point from which a new generation and a new era has developed. An innovative form with its own philosophy, which has assumed a new identity, but remained connected with the old through memories. For example our "Suite Irene" is built in memory of our grandmother and named after her. The wood used for the building, came from the old Moarhof. We never said goodbye to Moarhof: it is, and will continue to be an important part of our family.